The Goal — Book Design Restoration

When Lisa discovered there are books in the public domain* she had never heard of, but were captivating, she knew these hidden gems needed to be unearthed and brought to modern readers. With a mission to redesign with hand-drawn illustrations. The first book she published — 24 Little French Dinners by Cora Moore — was written in 1900. A trailblazer in bringing French recipes to American households, Lisa knew this would be her first book. 

(free to publish with ©1925 and prior)


Research found Ms Moore’s book selling with covers that had no intention of care or respect for the reader. None of these books communicate French cookery.

Redesign Process & Results:

Inspired by antique books, a design was introduced that was modern, yet classic, incorporating illustrations. After an official greenlight by Amazon, the new book is now being sold online

More Books from Our Portfolio:

We’ve had the pleasure of working with several authors to get their books noticed.