The Goal — Continue the Warm Retail Experience

Shubie’s Marketplace is a specialty food and wine retailer that is widely loved in its region. Initially approaching Arrow North to redesign their website, we are proud our relationship continues with the multi award-winning retailer to continually elevate their fun brand through event support, in-store signage, and so many more items that make the shopping experience fun and appealing to all ages.

Our Approach.

As Shubie’s Marketplace is family run (since 1948!), and a family that is dearly loved in its community, our goal is to continually advance the brand with the warm and happy feel customers experience shopping at the market. With the multitude of gourmet specialty food items ranging from unique gifts to charcuterie, we provide visual experiences that evoke positive emotions and are easily recognizable.


With a continual suite of promotion materials alerting customers to noteworthy events like Beerfests, Food and Wine Festivals, Sales, Tastings, these Arrow North designed items increased customer visits and stays throughout the store.


Happiness Quotient!