Case Study: Startups


The Goal — Simplify a Complex Concept

Epicenter Experience is a cloud-based technology agency focused on understanding consumer behavior for large brands. The startup approached Arrow North to energize their brand and simplify their messaging to be understandable across their multi-faceted audiences. 

Lisa effortlessly weaves between business and creative conversations and is a facilitator to help business minds articulate, concretely their principles, passion and message. This relieves the pressure and anxiety that business leadership often has, and instead transforms a stressful discovery process into a creative working environment that is open, honest and safe.     

–Paul Krasinski, CEO, Epicenter Experience

Our Approach.

For a technology startup fresh out of the gate, we know it’s crucial to not only stand apart from the competition, but be poised to approach investors with a cohesive brand. Before diving into concept development, we needed to understand the facets of their audience (B2B and B2C) and deep dive into how the brand should emotionally inspire consumers to engage with their technology, and inspire big brands and investors to sign on. 


Through delivery of the refreshed brand, Epicenter Experience was able to hit the ground running with a suite of deck templates and custom illustrations, correspondence systems, to approach investors, build their client base and increase mobile app users.